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PRIME is a leisure + lifestyle public relations agency that does so much more than media relations. Delivering clever and creative campaigns that play out in traditional, online and social media platforms, we create bespoke campaigns that make sure you are talking to the right people, in the right way, saying the right things.

Based in Hong Kong, our perfectly formed team comes together from different backgrounds - from the PR purist, the pen-poised journalist, the marcomms extraordinaire, the digital supremo to enthusiastic fresh grad to produce creative campaigns, jammed packed with fresh ideas, to promote clients, old and new alike.

If you are looking to brighten up your brand, PRIME will provide that flash of inspiration your company has been searching for.




There is always a place for the tried and tested tactics but they bore us and, let’s be honest, they bore your customer. Give us a chance and we will come up with a creative campaign that will get people talking and heads turning. In a competitive marketplace you need to be the one standing out in the crowd; let us help you do just that.



Sometimes you just don't have anything new to say. That's where we come in. We get creative and come up with something sparkly and new to get you noticed. But let’s be clear, the messaging needs to be genuine in order to be effective. We will challenge ourselves, and indeed you, to make sure we deliver content that truly resonates with your target audience.



With so many companies pestering journalists for column inches, we know how and when to talk to journalists to secure the desired press coverage. We get on pretty well with journalists and know how to package stories the way they want and will use it.
And it’s not just journalists we are talking to on a daily basis. The constant changing landscape means we need to go above and beyond traditional media and utilize our excellent relationships with relevant key opinion leaders (KOLs), bloggers, stylists and other influencers to seed a brand’s messages through their platforms and networks.



Let’s get digital. A shed load of time is spent on social and if you are not coming up with content on these platforms then you are not talking to a sizeable chunk of your customer base.
We can develop an editorial strategy for your social media platforms, work with the influencers that dominate this medium as well as execute content making sure your social media is on point.



More than a guest list for hire to meet headcount requirements, when we embark on an event we make sure the right people are in the room who will have an affinity with your brand.



From customer events to influencer engagement events, we will create an event that will wow. For a larger affair, we have aligned ourselves with one of the city’s best production houses to create super sleek experiences.



With native English and Chinese wordsmiths working for each client, we can word up anything from press releases to promotional pamphlets in a jiffy.